The BNSF Railway Foundation invests in the communities across the 28 states through which BNSF operates, and where BNSF employees live, work and volunteer. Recent donations include:

Reducing Methamphetamine Use in Montana

The Montana Meth Project is a large-scale prevention program aimed at reducing first-time teen methamphetamine use through public service messaging, public policy and community outreach. Founded by the Thomas and Stacey Siebel Foundation, the project is a private-sector response to a critical public health issue. The BNSF Railway Foundation provided a $10,000 grant to the #AskMe campaign, which centers on a series of gripping videos from everyday individuals bravely sharing their personal experiences about the devastation that meth has had on their lives.

Helping on the Journey Out of Homelessness

Based out of Cheyenne, Wyo., COMEA provides safe, secure and temporary shelter to men, women and children who are homeless. COMEA collaborates with community programs and resources to create opportunities for independent living. The BNSF Railway Foundation gave a $5,000 grant to COMEA’s Journey program, which helps with long-term planning for individuals who want to transition out of homelessness.

Using Equine Therapy to Assist Those in Need

CHAPS, founded in August 2003 in Sheridan, Wyo., was originally established as a therapeutic riding program to serve children and adults with special needs. Over the years, CHAPS has expanded to offer therapeutic driving, Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning. A $4,200 grant from the BNSF Railway Foundation will support CHAPS’ Horses ‘N’ Heroes project, a non-mounted group program focusing on facilitating personal skill development that helps attend to and reduce emotional reactivity, assists in processing trauma and fosters the development of strength-based tools to work through triggers and emotions.